CVHU Bargaining Survey

This survey has been developed by the CVH United Organizing Committee in order to better understand the most important aspects of our jobs and workplace that we want to protect, improve or change as we prepare to bargain our first union contract.

It is crucial for a supermajority of all Nurses and Techs to complete the survey in order to 1) gain a complete sense of our priorities, and 2) build our power and effectiveness as a union. There will be additional opportunities for you to give input and feedback as we get closer to negotiations and when we start bargaining. Survey estimation time: 5-9 minutes.

We have a tremendous amount of intelligence about our workplace as the people who make it function day-to-day. Building the power to win improved working conditions and patient care requires each of us showing up with our insight and willingness to act. This survey is the first way for you to do that.

We plan to begin contract negotiations this fall, as soon as we prepare our bargaining team and initial proposals, and as soon as the administration agrees to come to the table. The quality of our first contract will depend directly on how much you participate throughout the process.

I am interested in being involved in the bargaining process.

That’s great! At the end of the survey, please indicate your interest. We will have trainings about the negotiations process in the coming weeks.


Fill out a membership form here to be able to participate in decisions about our union going forward:

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